SOS Handyman Services

You may need to send an SOS to SOS Handyman in a number of situations. You buy a new TV and realize that mounting it is a serious chore. Your deck needs some work after a long winter. You want new hardware on your kitchen cabinets. You don’t want your parents to go to senior housing, but you don’t know how to adapt their home for needs caused by aging. You notice ceiling drywall is sagging after a leak was fixed.

Maintenance and installation services

We repair, replace and wash windows. We install weather stripping. We install and replace doorknobs and other household hardware. We install blinds and window coverings. We clean gutters. We even hang Christmas lights and decorations.


SOS Handyman fixes tape seams and nail pops. We patch holes, and we restore damaged or discolored areas. We frame and install new drywall, and match texture and color to the existing surface. We prime and paint drywall.


We install prefabricated bookcases and shelves. We install built-in bookcases, we design and install shelving systems that use space more efficiently and organize tool and storage in spaces such as garages.


We repair and install switches and outlets. We install security systems, including lighting. We install recessed lighting. We modernize outlets and ensure safety in household electrical systems.

Mounting flat screen TVs

We mount and secure flat screen TVs. We also hang pictures and mirrors, and install home entertainment centers.


We do interior or exterior painting. We paint whole rooms, or just trim and accents, along with painting or staining decks.

Aging in place

We alter households to better accommodate elders who want to stay in their homes. This includes adjusting counter heights, installing ramps, installing stair lifts, installing shower seats and walk in bathtubs. Small but important details include grab bars and anti-scalding devices.


Deck planning and design Ledger boards and installation of required posts Deck frames built to code Installation of pressure treated lumber or composite decking and railing Deck cleaning and staining

Bathroom Remodeling

A beautifully designed bathroom will allow you to feel confident in the morning when getting ready. The great thing about home remodeling is that all of the modifications are selected exclusively by you.

Cleaning Service

If you own a home or business and would like to find a way to take care of your property without the extra stress, then you’ve come to the right place. Commercial and residential cleaning services allow you to maintain a clean environment at affordable prices

General Construction

Construction allows us to build homes, restaurants, gyms, schools and more. Regardless of where you are in the world, construction has played an integral part in how your life works. From roadways to corporate offices, construction techniques help make your life easier day by day.

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your entire house, with all of the great food and memories attached to it it’s no surprise why. If you’ve been looking to spice up the design of your kitchen but just can’t find what you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place.


The word Masonry describes a variety of different construction procedures which are essential to the building of any stable property. Masonry services include things such as concrete installation, property restoration, structure building and more.

SOS Handyman provides these services, and we can do any handyman tasks around your home or office. Give us a call!

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