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handyman newton ma

Top Rated Newton Handyman, Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling & Masonry Contractor

SOS Handyman offers residents and businesses in Newton MA a wide range of services, and we offer them fast. The reason people need a handyman is often because of some unexpected problem. That’s why we put “SOS” in our company name.

We’re local, so we know the kinds of services that may be needed in Newton, such as inspecting a building to see if winter has caused any damage. We’re also fully licensed and comply fully with all state regulations.

Winters in Newton can be cold and wet. The alternation of freeze and thaw can be tough on structures. We quickly restore any damage winter causes to decks, porches and window frames. Another service we perform is cleaning off winter grime. We also clean the exteriors of homes and commercial buildings. Wood fencing can fade rapidly here, and handyman stains wooden decks and fencing. We clean other forms of fencing.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Newton MA

Many homes in Newton are older. Sometimes they need repair, and sometimes bathrooms and kitchens need to be remodeled to be more functional for contemporary needs. SOS Handyman is experienced at contracting repairs, whether the remodel is as simple as reconfiguring cabinets, upgrading sinks and appliances, or an extensive remodel of a large area. Our interior services are second to none. We proudly lead the Newton area with the highest quality bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling services. Part of our services include new shower stalls and tubs, as well as installing new appliances, counters, tiles, and flooring.

Homes in Newton are expensive, and residents are concerned with maintaining the investment in property, as well as making sure that homes look good and contribute to a neighborhood look. Doing that well means thoroughly inspecting all aspects of a structure, finding anything that needs repair, and fixing it. It means routine maintenance, and sometimes means restoration. SOS Handyman does all that. We also do install and maintain landscaping. We pressure wash building exteriors and their surroundings. We also do both internal and external painting.

We are the Handyman Newton MA Residents Appreciate

All the services we offer for homeowners are also available for commercial properties. Properties throughout Newton are quite expensive. As a result, commercial owners want to maintain their property value with the additional element of making properties attractive to potential customers. We do general contracting for new construction, and every other aspect of construction, from drywall to windows.

There are many ways SOS Handyman services can be useful throughout residential properties. We do small tasks that people may not be able to do, or may not have the time for. We also do Newton handyman tasks that are best left to professionals. DIY projects are fine, but not every home owner can hang a door straight or align tile properly. We install doors and windows, as well as window repairs. Furthermore, we also install blinds and shower doors. We install weather stripping, do caulking, and wash first-story windows. We’ll even hang your pictures and mirrors, and put up and take down Christmas decorations.

SOS Handyman is the handyman of choice in Newton. Contact us today to get started!

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