Aging Place


  • Grab bar installation
  • Fixed or portable accessibility ramp installation
  • Shower seat installation
  • Walk-in tub installation
  • Zero-threshold/walk-in shower installation
  • Anti-scald device installation
  • Motion-sensor faucet installation
  • Countertop height remodeling
  • Roll-out shelving installation
  • Anti-slip flooring installation

Aging in Place

Many elders prefer to continue living in their homes, rather than go to senior housing. They prefer to age in place. As people grow older, their living space can be altered in ways that better fit this stage of their lives. SOS Handyman specializes in services that can make aging in place work and work well.

Some of what makes life more difficult for elders relates to bathing and the bathroom. Something as simple as installing one or more grab bars can enhance safety and reduce the danger of falls. Installing a shower seat is another simple device that can make life more comfortable. Motion-sensitive faucets can be useful, as well.

There are other solutions, as well. SOS Handyman can install a walk-in tub or a walk in shower, making them more accessible and less likely to be the scene of a fall, or other accident.Sometimes elders require the use of a wheel chair. Existing doorways and doors may not be wide enough for easy use. Offset hinges could be a solution, hinges that move the door entirely out of the doorway so in effect it becomes wider. We also design and install ramps that facilitate chair mobility.

Recent improvements in technology offer caregivers some new options for allowing elders to better age in place. Installing anti-scalding devices can assure that hot water is immediately turned off in case of an accident, avoiding a too-common accident. A variety of unobtrusive caregiver cameras can allow elders to be checked on, even with the lights turned off.

There are many other ways in which aging in place can be facilitated. We can adjust counter top heights, or install a stair lift for going up and down stairs. We can install hand rails in places where those can be very helpful. Door cameras can enhance safety.

SOS Handyman offers much more. We can check lighting, electrical outlets and other home systems to make sure they are safe. We will help maintain a home so that aging in place is safe and comfortable.

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